Livestock machinery maintenance projects and common fault maintenance methods

There are many kinds of animal husbandry machinery, which are mainly used in grass harvesting machinery, silage harvesting machinery, feed processing machinery and so on. This paper mainly discusses the maintenance items, common faults and maintenance methods of the livestock machinery.

One, livestock machinery maintenance project

1. Maintenance items of lawn mower: repairing blade or replacing blade, dismantling damaged blade protector, adjusting cutter, welding and repairing cracked parts, replacing worn belt, etc.

2. Maintenance items of the rake: replace the damaged and missing caressing teeth and weeding rod, and weld and repair the cracked parts.

3. Repair items of square (round) binder: replace lost or broken pickup teeth, clean and lubricate knotter, and sharpen rope cutter.

4. Maintenance project of silage harvester: fastening loose bolts of each part; Replace the cutter to wear the blade, and adjust the gap between the blade protector and the blade as required; Adjust the chain harrow and stirring wheel; Check welding and repairing feeding and flattening mechanism; Adjust and overhaul the draft wheel; Grinding cutting chamber moving blade, if necessary to replace; Adjust and overhaul the chains and belts of each transmission mechanism; Adjust and overhaul the safety clutch of each department; Overhaul and replace bearings and bushing of each part; Self-propelled green fodder harvester should also overhaul the running part of the brake, clutch, engine and so on.

Two, livestock machinery common failure

1, mowing flattener common fault: cut no grass, leakage cut, gear noise, fuselage shake.

2. Common faults of the rake: the straw arm is not clean, the ball bearing is worn or burned to death, etc.

3, square (round) baling pressure baling machine common fault: bullet tooth pickup blocked, grass is not clean, knotting machine knot, flywheel safety bolts shear, etc..

4, silage harvester common fault: cutting machine cut grass or leakage cut, pull the grain wheel easy to knock off the ears, harvesting table instability, stirring wheel, chain rake does not turn, poor quality of cutting, cutting chamber knife damage, shaking the whole machine, safety clutch slip, throwing material is not free.

5, common faults of feed processing machinery: shell cracked screen piece broken, blocked, hammer tooth claw card dead, broken, off, crushing when the work is weak, do not start, do not power.

Iii. Maintenance methods

1. Replace and install new parts and components. After the vulnerable parts of livestock machinery are damaged or lost, spare vulnerable parts can be replaced and repaired.

2. Welding and repairing. For the cracked or deformed parts, it can be repaired by means of correction and welding.

3. Adjustment. Animal husbandry machinery in use due to wear vibration and other reasons, so that the gap becomes larger, longer, through the adjustment of each part, so that the machinery to the required technical state.

Four, reciprocating mowing and crushing machine

1. The cutter blade and blade protector are damaged. The blade damage of lawn mower is mainly caused by the deformation of hard objects or blade protector during the cutting process, the adjustment of fixed blade is inconsistent, and the rivet of fixed blade is loose, resulting in blade fracture. The broken or damaged blade and blade guard should be replaced in time, the blade guard and the deformed blade should be corrected, and the blade rivets or screws should be tightened.

2. The cutter connecting rod is damaged. Cutter connecting rod damage is generally due to the cutter resistance is too big, cutter driving mechanism bearing (shock absorber rubber sleeve) damage, connecting rod fixed screw loose and other reasons. Adjust the damaged connecting rod in time, tighten the relevant parts, and replace the damaged bearing or rubber sleeve.

3. The blade is broken. The blade is usually broken at the head of the knife. The main reason is too much resistance, swing ring installation position is not correct or loose. Adjust cutting device and swing ring should be installed correctly. The broken blade shall be replaced with a spare cutter, and the broken blade shall be repaired.

The animal husbandry machinery

Rotary lawn mower

1. Wear and damage of the blade. Swing blade damage is mainly caused by hard objects encountered in the operation, swing blade is a pair of installation, such as damage, there will be a knife disc operation is not stable and not clean mowing phenomenon, should be timely replacement of a pair of blades. There are cutting edges on both sides of the blade. When one edge of the blade is worn, the blades on the left and right cutters can be replaced to use the cutting edge on the other side.

You can't cut the grass. When the cutter is blocked by the grass, the belt will slip. The clogging should be removed in time and the belt tension should be adjusted.

3. Leakage cutting fault. In the operation, the upper and lower blades of the cutter disc are broken or two blades meet with the hard object and retracted, but they are not thrown out. Please replace the new blade or pull out the blade in time.

Six, rake

1, tooth disk rotation is not working. The rotation of the rake tooth plate is not working, one is that the rake tooth is too strong, so that the rotation resistance of the tooth plate increases, easy to damage the rake tooth, can be eliminated through adjustment; Second, rolling bearing wear excessive, should be replaced rolling bearing.

2, the grass is not clean. The reason is that the arm teeth do not all land, arm teeth holding force is too small, change the pull spring in the position of the stretching adjustment plate to adjust.

3. The main common faults of small square baler are in knotter or knotter and baling bin. First remove the hay from the baling bin, trigger the measuring arm to rotate the flywheel until the tying process is completed and troubleshoot carefully.

Seven, green feed harvester

1. Rotary green feed harvester: after the harvest is picked up by the picker, it is transported to the feeding inlet by the horizontal auger. The feeding inlet is in contact with the upper and lower feeding rollers and enters between the extrusion rollers through the intermediate guide rollers. Through the throwing device, the green feed is conveyed to the transport vehicle. The harvester is similar to a common grain combine.

2, knife plate type green feed harvester: this type of harvester cutting table, pickup, feeding, conveying and extrusion mechanism and drum type harvester is the same, the main difference is that the cutting part when the number of cutting knife is reduced, no great impact on the throwing.

3, swing knife type green feed harvester: this kind of machine is also called flail type green feed harvester. When the flail is closed, the broken grass can be scattered on the ground for green manure, and the grass can also be laid.

4. Fan type green feed harvester: the main difference is that the impeller is used to replace the cutter. The cutter on the impeller is specially used for cutting, and the wind blade produces airflow.

There are many faults in the green fodder harvesting machinery, but they can be summarized as follows:

1. Fault of the cutter. The main performance is to cut the grass adverse or leakage cut. The main reason is the cutter wear or lack of blade, should be timely replacement of the blade, fixed and moving blade clearance is the smaller the better, in principle, do not touch, clearance should be in 0.2 ~ 0.4mm, and check the parts of the transmission mechanism of the tool rod, to ensure normal operation.

2. Failure of the pooler. The trouble of rice wheel is mainly in transmission and adjustment, should ensure the normal transmission of rice wheel, rice wheel adjust the main height adjustment, according to the height of the crop with the lifting cylinder to master; The puller can be adjusted horizontally by adjusting the holes on the board. The hole in the front is suitable for high straw or lodging operation. The rotation speed adjustment of the rotary wheel should be changed according to the growth of crops or the forward speed of the machine. The sprocket can be replaced for selection.

3. Unstable harvesting table failure. The main reason for the instability of the harvesting table is oil leakage from the distributor or the oil cylinder. The oil seal "O" ring should be replaced to eliminate it.

4, stirring wheel, chain harrow fault. The main reason for the failure here is the safety clutch slipping, the reason may be the safety clutch oil or insufficient torque, oil should be cleaned and pressed according to the specified torque.

5. Failure of cutting part. Cutting length adjustment, can be used to increase or decrease the number of cutting blades or feeding speed to adjust; Cutting part of the main fault moving, fixed knife damage, bearing damage.

6. The whole machine is shaking and the throwing material is not smooth. The reason for the shaking of the whole machine is that the bearing on both sides of the cutting drum shaft is damaged or the cutting knife is damaged. Stop the machine to check and replace the damaged or worn bearing. The main reason for the unsmooth throwing is that there are obstructions or insufficient wind in the throwing cylinder. The air plate should be replaced to remove barbs and other obstructions in the throwing cylinder.

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